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May 9, 2010
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Shinkou Yokai Group Picture by Emeraldus Shinkou Yokai Group Picture by Emeraldus
Finally finished!!! yaaay! Well! This is a group picture of me and my friends fantasy characters who live in the same universe ^^ Almost all of them are demons and now live around the year 900 - 1000 AC

Tell me ~ Who's your favorite character(s)? XD


- The black haired character at the bottom left is named Dorobou (means Thief) however this is not his real name~ nobody knows his real name! And he is a demon snake(more like a Basilisk) and is now in the series 1226 years old ~ He was born 200 BC.
- The the blond girl beside the purple woman is named Kiiroikitsune (Means Yellow Fox - you can find more pictures of her in my gallery) She is a demon fox and is now 519 years old.
- The woman to the bottom right with the multicolored hair is named Chikyu ~ She is a half light and shadow demon and was born under the Demon war in year 0. She is now 1000 years old.
- The brown haired guy with the big green pants beside Kiiroikitsune is named Mori ~ He is also a demon fox and is Kiiroikitsune's lover ~ He is now 822 years old ~
- And the two characters at the top of the picture is some Gods
--------- These characters belongs to me :iconemeraldus:

- The pink/silvered female character at the bottom left is named Shiruba and she is also a demon snake (a basilisk) She is Dorobou's lover and is 923 years old.
- The purple woman in the middle is named Murasakyoru (means approximately "purple night"- you can find more pictures of her in my gallery) and she is a light demon who got her soul ripped out as a very young child and was reborn as a demon horse. She is 721 years old.
- The red haired guy with the kimono is Murasakyoru's lover and is named Ren. He is a light-demon and has a very complicated age ~ since he died when he was about 1500 years old~ however he was reborn and is now 322 years old.
- The white girl to the bottom right is named Yuniko and is a unicorn. She is Chikyu's lover, Murasakyoru's half sister and is 620 years old.
-------------These characters belongs to: :iconyunamania:

- While the guy at the left in with the brown/orange hair is named Nogitsune. He is also a demon fox and a bad guy in the stories. He is 1125 years old and this character belong --------to both me: :iconemeraldus: and :iconyunamania:

- The girl at the bottom with the brown coat is named Fuyuko (means "winter child"). She is a demon wolf and is 620 years old.
- The guy next to Fuyuko with the red/brown coat is named Retsu (means "Cold") and is Fuyuko's lover. He is also a demon wolf and is 1125 years old.
- The guy above with the black hair and blue shirt is Fyuko's brother, his name is Ikasu (means "Smart") and is therefore also a demon wolf. He is 1125 years old.
- And the girl to the right from Ikasu with black hair and the skeletons around her neck is named Yukiko (means "snow child") and is a raven demon and her age is unknown - however she lived around the year 0 - And therefore she is around 1000 + years old.
--------------These characters belongs to: :iconshimoyabun:

- The girl to the upper right in the picture is named Yuusuke and is actually human ~ However she is 319 years old because of her lover who is the guy next to her to the right. He is a demon, his name is Yoshi and you can say that he is the fountain of youth....;D His age is unknown.
-------------These characters belongs to :iconyuusuke-ando:

- The character at the top left with the short black hair is a demon lizard and she is 519 years old.
----------------This character belongs to: :iconeternitymaze:

- The blue girl at the bottom left is named Jugoya, she is a water demon and is 317 years old.
-----------------------This character belongs to :iconjugoya:

- The girl at the bottom right with the green outfit is named Azukari (means "to draw") She is a demon fox, a close friend to Yuniko and Chikyu and is 418 years old.
-------------------This character belongs to: :iconkessi-san:

- The red haired character above in the middle is named Ryu. He is a dragon and is 519 years old.
- The old man next to Ryu is just called Gigi and is the leader of the dragons. We call him the source of wisdom.
---------These characters belongs to: :iconyakzukidragon:

- The blue character to the right with the mask is named uh...... He is a unknown demon, a smuggler and is 519 years old. 8D....
--------------This character belongs to: :iconfaiakutsu:

The other I haven't mentioned belong to some other friends of me ^^

Program: Photoshop CS2
Time: Began April 11th ~ and finished May 9th
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Amberoga-heartnet Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2011
You do grate work, love it.
kimmysimmy Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011  Student
i love it all!
roxaskeyblades Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
This is so amazing! :3
avatar01 Featured By Owner May 10, 2010
Whow… :wow: breathtaking, simply just breathtaking. :o

All this different characters with, I guess, different backgrounds and history. I can tell that you and your friends has used many hours in making this wonderful universe. And I would love to get to know more about it, :eager: will it maybe some day be a TV show? Or a comic/manga that we can by in the store? I know I would buy every single volume! ;-)

Names, everyone has names right? I could guess you don’t want to share that with everyone so that nobody steals them. Though I know the purple woman in the middle is names: Murasakyoru, from you other pictures of her. She is amazing. :-) And I really like her! :typerhappy: She seems to have some special history to tell. And the one with blonde hair is: Kiiroikitsune. She is cute! And, I guess, her boyfriend’s name is Mori! He most be the one that has chanced the most over time. But I love how he turned out on this picture, he looks so self-confident and... if not happy. I bet he loves Kiiroikitsune with all his heart! And Murasakyoru’s lover must be the one to her right, sadly I don’t know his name... :cries: Though he looks pretty cool too! :-)

By looking over your gallery I can see that Kiiroikitsune and Murasakyoru have chanced much over the years. You and your friend YunaMania most really love them much. :love: I most say I specially love the characters that you two have made. Not that the others are bad or anything, it’s just that I can almost see the hard work you two have put into them, surly enough making an hell of an awesome story to them all! :boogie:

:meow: I am looking forward the see more from the Shinkou Yokai story! Do you best! And good luck! :la: :dalove:
Emeraldus Featured By Owner May 10, 2010  Student
HOLY ~ - - - !!! You got it all right!! 8D damn! You're good reading my drawings! XD That's right Kiiroikitsune and Mori are together and everything you said about Mori is correct too ...O.o Yes ~ Murasakyoru and the guy next to her is her lover ^^ His name is Ren btw!

Maybe I should write a little basics about the characters since you wrote me an excellent and inspiring comment!! :dance: I'm really grateful for this!!

I made a new folder in my gallery for the Shinkou Yokai because of this comment - There is some info about the making of Shinkou Yokai too ^^ ~ [link]

Thx again!
avatar01 Featured By Owner May 11, 2010
Hello again! I have read over all the new information you have written. And I must say I am shocked, I first thought this story was well made, but not this well! :noes:

“Demon war in year 0.” so I guess something very special happened in that war that made the year become 0, and since you write BC. I guess in year 0 Christ was also born in your story. Sooo, you guys are basing it on real events in this world? That is so cool!! :D

Kiiroikitsune, Mori, Murasakyoru and Ren! Is my top four favorites! Then Dorobou, Chikyu, Shiruba and Yuniko! :tighthug: I don’t even know them or there story, but they just looks so amazing. I almost can’t believe that you and YunaMania made all of them! :la: Each character is completely different from the other, with different background and looks. How do you girls make characters like that? But making clothes to that many must be hard. ^^;

Something that really catch my interest was that Chikyu and Yuniko are lovers. A half light and shadow demon with something as pure as a unicorn! Damn... there love must be as strong as it can be! :heart:

I have nothing against Yuri, hell, even Yaoi is fine with me. So I hope that sometime in the future will you make a new sweet and lovely picture of them together. :love:

Oh, and one last ting. How dose there demon forms look like? Both Dorobou and Shiruba are snakes demons right? I love snakes! So I would love to see how they really looks like. And that goes to everyone, to see there true self would be awesome! :woohoo:
Emeraldus Featured By Owner May 11, 2010  Student
Again you get everything right!!! We are basing it on real events in this world :3 And we are trying to use Japanese mythology in the story too~ since most of the time, the main characters live in Japan. However they travel to other countries too. Some of the side-characters live basically in another countries than Japan like Korea and Taiwan. BTW Fuyuko, Retsu and Ikasu are from Russia :D

Yaaaaay for your favorite characters!! :iconpineappletardplz:

Haha! nice noticed about Chikyu and Yuniko! :D Yeah ~ Yuniko is really the purest of them all <3 She met Chikyu wounded and was almost dying ~ then Yuniko helped her with her healing powers ~ and since then Chikyu felt like she had to protect her so they became friends ~ then really good friends ~ then lovers! XD Aw ~ Yuniko was btw an outcast among her fellow unicorns (long story 8D)

Yeah ~ their demon forms....We have the idea, but I haven't drawn anything big yet. However Shiruba is one biiiiiig silver snake ~ and Dorobou is a biiiig black snake :3 I know that Kiirokitsune's demon form is a fox (a little bigger than a normal fox) with three tails. While Mori is one with six tails (max amount of tails are nine ~ If someone got nine tails, they become white-colored and really strong! :3)
Murasakyoru don't like to be in her demon form (demon horse) because that reminds her about her family/flock that got killed when she was about 60 years old. However she looks like a "meat-eating-horse" (I don't know what they are called in English). But maybe some day I will make a picture :3 (I've always wanted to do that so why not? XD)

THX AGAIN FOR THE COMMENT! ~ You are really inspiring! :iconpineappletardplz:
avatar01 Featured By Owner May 12, 2010
Demons from all over the world? Nice, I just hope that this fantastic story will become a Manga or something, would be awesome to get to know everything in nice story line. :D

I really hope you will make a demonic picture of them! :la: Or in Yuniko’s view; an pure and beautiful unicorn. It would jus be some damn awesome if you did!! I am cheering on you Emeraldus! :boogie:

Oh, haha. :lol: It’s funny that you say “60 years” as it was nothing. And I guess it’s nothing, since she is 721 years old now. Hmm, but if Murasakyoru has been living with her demon horse family for 60 years I guess there is no wonder why she never uses that form after. I mean… 60 years is longer then some human lives.

And I am happy that my comments are inspiring to you. I just wish you and your friends good luck with evolving this story to something even better! :eager: (if that is possible ^^;)
Emeraldus Featured By Owner May 12, 2010  Student
Thank you so much again for your comment! XD :dance:
And I will try to make that demon picture ~ My friends want that drawing too :D
saber360 Featured By Owner May 9, 2010
Girl, this pic is SO flippin' awesome!!! :D
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